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Click below for our program guide

Introduction to Functional Fertility Course


Starter course with handouts and videos of our natural and holistic approach fertility programs: Introduction to Functional Fertility, Understanding Hormones and Periods, Understanding Lab Tests, Functional Tests, BBT charting and much more. A great way to explore your fertility and understand what Functional Fertility has to offer!​

If you decide to join another program after the course, we will give you $49 off towards your next program.

Explore Your Fertility Visit

$400/ 60 minutes

Feel overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? 

Statistics show that many people waste precious time before

they get fertility help. Start your journey with a fertility specialist!

Get help understanding your fertility and save time when you create a plan with an expert.  We can help you get testing and review exactly where you stand - you and your partner. We offer discounted lab tests prior to your visit or use your insurance.  Review the tests and understand your options in detail. Whether you choose Functional Fertility, IUI, or IVF, we help guide you on your path with a plan and send you to trusted providers to get the help you need.  Discounts on the Mira fertility tracking system and other products are available for participants. All care is available online through Zoom or in-person. *Additional fees for lab tests and ultrasound.

Lotus Fertility Program

(One-on-One Visits)

This is an exclusive one-on-one nurse coaching program with Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN, a functional and integrative medicine nurse (OR, WA, AZ) and nurse-practitioner (CA) specializing in fertility.  All care is available online through Zoom or in-person. 

Clients are enrolled for 3-12 months. Available for those who want to try naturally or prepare for IVF procedures for egg or embryo freezing, solo or couples.


  • Individual monthly visits with Milan Chavarkar DNP, RN 

  • Tailored coaching for individuals/couples

  • Check-ins with fertility coach monthly

  • One visit with a dietician

  • Loving support and messaging

  • Functional lab testing- Dutch hormone test or stool microbiome test

  • Sperm testing through Fellow

  • Hormone and fertility lab orders as needed

  • Handouts and video course on functional fertility

  • Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting and App Guidance

  • Fertility Food Plan

  • Everyday Guide to Toxins

  • Over-the-counter herbal supplement education

  • 10% off herbal supplements through Fullscript

  • Discounts on lab testing at LabCorp

  • Discounts on Mira fertility tracking system 

  • Discounts on IUI, Ultrasound, PEMF Therapy

  • Use your FSA/HSA!


Please schedule a discovery call if interested. 

Please note: There are additional fees for general and functional labs, ultrasound, and supplements as needed depending on your health issues.

In-Person Services

Please schedule a discovery call if interested.


Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)    $500

Not ready for IVF but need some help? 

IUI is a first step to using technology to help you on your fertility journey. This method is especially helpful after working on your fertility during the Lotus Fertility program and/or after doing Abdominal Reiki Massage & Red Light Low Level Cold Laser. Also essential for people using sperm donation. 

Sperm washing and preparation is an additional $250.


Ovulation Induction Therapy    (Coming Soon)

Use Clomid or Letrazole to induce ovulation for those who have issues having regular cycles.

Receptiva Testing  $600 (Coming Soon)

ReceptivaDx is the only test that can identify leading causes of unexplained infertility in a single sample including endometriosis and progesterone resistance. ReceptivaDx includes BCL6, a marker that identifies uterine lining inflammation most often associated with asymptomatic (silent) endometriosis. BCL6 is found in more than 50% of women with unexplained infertility and around 65% of women with two or more IVF failures. We use this test result to then apply functional medicine protocols to improve the reproductive microbiome, reduce inflammation, and improve hormone balance.


Ultrasound for Tubal Patency    $600

Ultrasound testing is essential to understanding what is truly happening with your fertility. We offer simple ultrasounds to visualize your uterus and tubes using special technology called ExEm® Foam, the only FDA-approved contrast agent for use with Trans Vaginal Ultrasound (TVUS), which can be performed in the privacy and comfort of the office.


Ultrasound for Antral Follicle Count, or Early Pregnancy Tracking   $350

We can also perform an antral follicle count in your early menstrual cycle or track early pregnancy development if needed.

Abdominal Reiki Massage & Red Light Low-Level Cold Laser (6 sessions)


This program includes 6 sessions of  60-minutes each, which helps improve circulation and rejuvenates the uterus and ovaries.  This therapy has shown to improve the results of those doing fertility work.  This hands-on external treatment is especially helpful to those who are planning IVF. 

Sessions are done in person at our Campbell office over 1 week if visiting from out-of-town, or weekly if local.

Milan Chavarkar DNP, FNP, RN has a doctorate of nursing practice, is a licensed registered nurse and nurse practitioner in the State of California, and a licensed registered nurse in Arizona, Washington state, and Oregon.  She is actively seeking nursing licensure in other states. She is available for educational coaching and consultation in other states. In person visits are available at our Campbell office in Silicon Valley.

Coming Soon

Fertility Boot Camp  (Group Visits)

This is a 3 month initial fast track group program to get the optimal fertility results you want, whether you are preparing for natural reproduction or IUI/IVF. Designed as an educational program, you will learn the tools necessary to improve your own fertility through lifestyle changes. A holistic approach is the most successful and we teach you about EVERYTHING that impacts your fertility. We rapidly go through the four phases EXPLORE, ELIMINATE, ENERGIZE, and EMBRACE to show you how to be successful in your journey. We provide videos, handouts and suggestions on the best products, supplements, tools, and practices to improve your fertility. Get support from peers in group education visits. Discounts on the Mira fertility tracking system and other products are available for participants. All care is available online through Zoom only.

Starts July 2024- please email us at info@lotusintegrativehealth to be placed on our waiting list.

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